Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Mountains

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Evidence Outcome from Colorado State Standards

7th Grade Earth Science Standard 1

Task and Product:

  • With a partner or small group, research the characteristics and the geological processes involved in three examples of your chosen geological event (earthquakes, volcanoes, or mountain systems) and present your learning in a Google Earth tour.


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Resources and Examples:

Research Tools

Note-taking Guidelines
This page also has the
Note-Taking template in Word

Topic Resources

Mountain Ranges


Creating Hypertext
Tutorial page for creating hypertext links
to animations and sources.
Tutorial page for transferring your information
and images to Google Docs
Creating a Google Earth Tour
Tutorial Page for making the Google Earth Tour


Mrs. Johnson's Geyser Googledoc
Mrs. Johnson's Google Earth
Geysers Tour

Student Tours

Daily Tasks

November 9

  • Be attentive during unit introduction
  • Load and save note-taking template
  • Choose 3 locations/specific examples of your category (volcanoes, mountain ranges, earthquakes) and write them in your note-taking document.
  • Decide who is doing which examples, start research if you have time.

November 11

  • Using the selected resources, complete research, typing all notes in your note-taking document and following the note-taking guidelines. NO GOOGLING. You may save pictures and diagrams that you find in your sources to your H drive. You should create a folder especially for those.
  • Save useful sites to favorites, and paste URLs from sources used into your note-taking document.

November 12

  • Complete your notes. Finalize and polish your writing, checking for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Make sure that you have pictures and diagrams saved in your H drive in a named folder. Do NOT insert pictures into your Word document. You will do this in your Google doc.
  • Make sure all source links are listed under the Sources section of each location, including sources for images and diagrams (VERY important).
  • Finish research and work together with your partner to explain and write the final "pattern and connections" piece in one of the notes documents (it doesn't matter whose document because both documents will be combined). Use the Note-taking Guidelines to help you, if needed.
  • Going for the A? Insert links to animations and other content. Here is a tutorial.

November 16

  • Combine your notes that are on your Word document into one googledoc. Instructions are on the Googledocs page.

November 18

  • Complete your Googledocs page. Work with your partner on ONE computer to create your Google Earth Tour. Instructions are on the Google Earth Tour page

November 19

  • Complete your Google Earth Tour and save to Mr. Griffith's R drive folder.

November 23

  • Visit your classmates Google Earth Tours and make comments in Wiki discussion tab